Tone It Down A Bit

It occurs to us they should tone it down a bit. We ask but the band continues playing. This leads to a huge scuffle. A full-on scrum. Not one of us is going home tonight. Our jail cell is adjacent to the foul mouth band members. Sheriffs' deputy has asked them three times to tone it down a bit. Gazing out the barred window it’s pouring rain. Right now, I feel so uninspired. For my peace of mind, I start to write using my imagination. A poem starts to form. I recite it out loud. A band member puts down a hand rhythm hearing the verse. All of us sing the agreed chorus. Before release, we’ve learned each other’s name, celebrated with riotous laughter. While exiting the intake facility sheriff’s deputy asks us to tone it down a bit.


© emmett wheatfall 


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