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I have No Standing Among Them

It’s 8:58 PM this Wednesday evening and a serious gaggle has broken out on my block. Sounds like a flock of birds are really pissed off. Every bird is trying to out talk all the other birds. I would be willing to arbitrate the matter, but I have no standing among them. I’m not of their kind nor their kin. They have assembled in a large tree. It’s a breathtaking sight to behold. No standing room is available on any tree branch. The vitriol is palpable. I discern there is no magistrate presiding over the dispute. At 9:04 PM, I take the matter into my own hands. With one blast from my scatter gun every last bird scatters. Quiet has returned to my block. There’s one thing I do know, them birds will live to gaggle again on some other block.   © emmett wheatfall

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