Published Books

Wheatfall, Emmett. First Among Beautiful Stars. Chapbook. Just A Lark Books, September 2023

Wheatfall, Emmett. With Extreme Prejudice: Lest We Forget, Fernwood Press, June 2022

Brown, Richard (Author), Wheatfall, Emmett (Narrator). This Is Not For You: An Activist’s Journey of Resistance and Resilience, 2020

Wheatfall, Emmett. Our Scarlet Blue Wounds. Fernwood Press, November 2019

Wheatfall, Emmett. As Clean as a Bone. Fernwood Press, May 2018

Wheatfall, Emmett. Fragments: A Book of Poetry. Reflections Publishing, October 2015

Wheatfall, Emmett. Bread Widow. Reflections Publishing, August 2013

Wheatfall, Emmett. The Meaning of Me. Reflections Publishing, May 2013

Wheatfall, Emmett. We Think We Know. Reflections Publishing, March 2011

Wheatfall, Emmett. He Sees Things. Reflections Publishing, March 2011




The Madrona Project. A Festschrift for Clemens Starck, Empty Bowl 2021

Creative Juices 2. Once Upon A Poem. Pisces Publishing, April 2022

Gobshite Quarterly. Gobshite Quarterly 2022. Issue 40 - Summer Fall 2022

The Poeming Pigeon: A Journal of Poetry and Art. The Poetry Box. October 2022


Non-Lyrical Poetry CD (Without Music)


Wheatfall, Emmett. I Speak. Petersen Entertainment, 2010


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