Little White Girl

I care not for a steak made rare

A rare moment like this one I do

Little 2-year-old white girl

As precious as this summer day

For a reason uncommon this world

Dashes to me in my dismay

Wraps her little arms around my leg

Without words she’s able to say

Stranger I know how to love you

I see you are big, black, and tall

Love blinds and a hug reveals

What's purer than a child’s love




Little white girl blessed me




Little white girl will heal the world


© emmett wheatfall


  1. Sweetly unsacharine delightfully inspiring. Maya said people will always remember how you made them feel. You are are
    Beacon off truth, hope and deep insight only you can bring.

    1. Darned auto correct. But u know what I meant .


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