Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Last King of Africa

Africa has never had a king.
I thought you knew that?
You didn't know that? Africa
is a continent, not a country.
A country may crown a king,
but a continent does not.


I am the last king of Africa.
Imagine that. Understand,
it's just my imagination,
and now it's yours. It's just
your imagination I assure
you. Need I adjure you?

Chances are you have
concluded I have lost my
mind. I assure you I have not.
I know where my mind is.
My mind has crowned itself
king of Africa.


it's fair to say I am the last
king of Africa. In this silliness
I now abdicate my monarchy.
None of you will believe me
when I say I am the last king
of Africa. Honestly, didn't 
you know that?

© 2016 emmett wheatfall
All Rights Reserved

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