the Ignorant Class

We watch and wonder why 

you waste away your lives living the life 

of miscreants. Flash-mob robbing retail stores, 

ignorantly ignoring common law, common sense, 

and community. You are a class unto yourselves. 

Ignoring the impending long arm of the law. 

Keep licking at that ignorance. Vain is such pretense, 

that delirium found in being a masked bandit, 

reveling in the bounty of loot and booty. We watch 

and wonder why. We now have no retail stores 

in our community. No supermarket because 

your stupidity and ignorance have stolen 

what we willfully pay for. We dub you 

the Ignorant Class. A confederacy of dumb asses 

draped in citizenship, who most assuredly 

cannot pass the U.S. Citizenship Test. Why? 

Because you are the ignorant class.


© emmett wheatfall


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