The Drunk Irish Poet


When the humorist prevails, set sail across your vaunted emotions. 

Listen intently to the limericks told by the drunk guy who's commandeered

everyones attention. Serve up a couple of chuckles so that that drunk Irish poet

will know you are locked in. Knock back a pint of ale during his discourse. 

Wipe your mouth on the right sleeve of your blouse after each swig. 

The men patrons will respect you. Don’t snap your fingers at the tavern hostess. 

Her tongue is quicker and sharper than the sharpest two-edge sword. 

And when the evening is over, and you find yourself fully inebriated, and needing

to take that urgent pee behind a tree. Know this. Most assuredly, somebody’s 

dog has already marked that spot.


© emmett wheatfall



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