Clowns and Kings

When a clown moves into the palace, 

he doesn’t become a king. The palace 

becomes a circus.

                                    --Turkish Proverb 


Clowns come in all shapes and size

In different colors and striped clothing

Rosy lips and big noses

They speak neither word nor sound

And command the center of attention

In olden times the court jester

Nowadays, 45th-president of the United States


Puffy faced 

and as orange as

Anita Bryant’s

orange juice ads  


Stomach pudgy like a newborn’s tummy

Something children find funny

Blonde hair the color of plywood

And won’t STFU!

Clowns come in all shapes and size

Fortunately—never kings

Just the 45th president of the United States


© emmett wheatfall


  1. You know "I " love this. A well thought out observation and truth.


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