A Small Hillside Wedding


last night I fell asleep on the living room sofa

as far as I know I did not die there yesterday

if I did I think the sofa cushioned me in my casket /

who dreams of walking in a garden of blossoms

reaching out and gently stroking various petals

lifting Jasmine to ones nose for its aromatic aroma //

there happen to be a small hillside wedding there 

her apricot colored wedding gown the compliment 

my navy blue tuxedo not even close to offsetting ///

a looming sun-break foreshadowing the occasion

some low-grade wind mustering up strength ////

we each pluck a four-leaf clover of our choosing

the pond toad croaks after each pull of a petal

as an eagle and a dove circle in tandem above /////

I awake this morning awash in an ocean of love /


© emmett wheatfall