The Day I Misplace My Gavel

My grown daughter addressed me using my first name.
No lightning flashed. I did hear thunder roll. Was this to be
the day Daddy died? In my heart it was an ethical breach
of epic proportion. At that moment, my daughter experienced
a mental lapse regarding who I am in relationship to her
existence. Had she purposely forgotten the heritage of our people,
by boldly and brazenly addressing her father by his first name?
Heritage views it as an extreme act of contempt.
To allow the infraction to stand would constitute fatherly abdication.
I have never witnessed a Leo surrender to another Leo,
especially a female one. Did my daughter need to roar? To this day
I say, Yes. I swear though, she has roared again; just not at me.
Be assured, I will rue the day I misplace my gavel.

© emmett wheatfall