Pseudonym (a fictitious name)

I muse about Daffy Duck a lot; my muse
being tossed about like a rag-doll belonging
to Annie—that little white girl whose
name suggests something literary, or as found
in cinema. Sorta like Becky; that pseudonym
for some white women so named Rebecca.
Becky’s tend to be blonde. Daffy Duck leans into
blondes with a kind of preference the likes
of Tony the Tiger. Stormy I’d say—the attraction
that is. Historically, it’s said, ‘Blondes have
more fun!’ Certainly, Daffy Duck would know,
with Tony the Tiger bearing witness. For all
intent and purpose, if they’d just focused on their
respective wife, it would be less expensive—
certainly profitable.

© 2018 by emmett wheatfall