Is My World An Illusion?

I Write To Appease
The Creative Hunger
Raging In My Soul

Is My World An Illusion?

I see now.            Fewer illusions of inclusion,
ethnic equality, and love in societies. The same speaks

to gender, gender identity and gender fluidity.
From where comes fresh air?      Who sanitizes the sea

and un-salts the oceans?               How might I un-clutter byways
leading to and back again?                            Every lie is stained

with stinky breath. There’s nothing
sweet about it.   Why is there no collage encapsulating

the rich diversity of love?

My vision has never been 20/20. Now cataracts have come
—obscuring obscenity.   Is my world an illusion?

© 2018


  1. ‘...the rich diversity of love?’ saved me, for I was choked at the thought of an unsalted sea. I am a colorless collage, but love the rainbow. My breath is still suspect, though, as it has taken me far too long to figure out how to speak out. Work like yours is my mouthwash; it cleanses my palate without removing my taste buds. Beautiful, important work, Emmett.

    1. Britton, what a deeply poetic and inspiring comment regarding this poem. Please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of your loved one. A poem conveys a unique sentiment to each of its readers. Your muse, your elegy, your prose speaks to your loss, as well as the profoundness I search for with this poem. Is My World An Illusion speaks to both us, connects us, and reminds us “I [We] see now.” I’m glad to have made your acquaintance. Best!


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