the Colorful Creek

What brings me to this colorful creek
where its water is cool and surrounding rock-face
a beautiful whiteness complimenting
this a beautiful day?

Is it true I’m drawn to reflections of myself
whereupon I discover I am that same small man
sustained by the amalgamation of yesterday's?

How is it this trickling creek speaks to me
in the language of my ancestors
who interpreted sounds of rain, wind, rushing water,
nature and most other things?

Be still my soul and quiet my anxious spirit.
Let the course of this day create teachable moments
touting self-awareness, self-actualization.

I linger in these moments.
Not for the contrary moment have I’ve come,
neither will I tend to it. Where else is there
for me to swear by?

~ the Colorful Creek

© 2017 by emmett wheatfall
All Right Reserved