Go Back To Mexico!

'Go back to Mexico!' shouts an elderly woman.
This impertinent white woman felt emboldened,
Much the way a Chinese seamstress embroiders
A pattern made during a moment of inspiration.

Astonished is the Latin American cashier. Diego
Is not from Mexico. Diego's from Maryland, having
Immigrated to the United States with his father,
Mother, two siblings, two uncles and an aunt.

Aisle 6 is where the chili pepper is kept. A tall
And stout Texan is offering sushi samples. The
Texan asks the elderly women 'Would you like
To try one?' She says, 'Why yes,' then smiles.

~ Go Back To Mexico!

© 2017 by emmett wheatfall
All Right Reserved


  1. Many people are only comfortable with things 'ethnic' on their own (limited) terms.


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