For A Reason Yet To Be Made Known

In your dream people constantly ask you,
How is it that you can be awake while asleep?
So you pinch yourself, while subconscious.
The fact is you're awake, and people are
Gathering around you, pressing closer
And closer; all the while encircling you like
Thread being spun around a bobbin. Then,
One of them whisper's, Fall asleep. It's surprising
Given how complicit you are in the moment.
For a reason yet to be made known to you,
You feel an immense sense of anxiety, as
Evidenced by perspiration, sweaty palms
And heart palpitations. Then a little girl
Takes your hand, squeezing it ever-so lightly,
And says, Wake up daddy.

~ For A Reason Yet To Be Made Known

© 2017 by emmett wheatfall
All Right Reserved