Smart Philosophers Hedge Their Bet

Network news is all the rage these days.
I wasn't aware the press was the Fourth Branch of U.S. Government.
I'm impressed. Much the way a finely pressed shirt resembles
linen with suppressed edges. Edges don't lie.
The rational world is defined by edges.
Smart philosophers hedge their bet.
It's mystifying to me why Trumpism doesn't do the same.
Facts are facts and figures are figures. There are no alternative
facts or figures. Bear in mind figurines. They are what they are
more or less. Slaves are slaves and immigrants are
immigrants. Neither are they like two peas in a pod.
If only the earth were flat. Maybe then that would be
an alternative fact. Maybe?

— Smart Philosophers Hedge Their Bet

© 2017 by emmett wheatfall
All Right Reserved


  1. This philosopher says, "The best way to hedge your bet is to never make it." ;)


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