How I Learned To Dance In The Rain

My dance began with rain.
It was not so in the beginning.
Rain fell and I watched.
Rain fell as I stood in its midst.

Soon, I moved as rain fell.
There arose rhythm as the tap,
tap-tap, tap did begin to
take shape.

I took refuge under a hot tin roof.
The taps grew louder, tap,
tap-tap, tap. Suddenly, it was
heel to toe and toe heel.

Soon, it became call and response.
So, I stepped out. I answered the call.
The rain tapped, then I tapped.
When I dapped, rain would double

and triple tap back. All night long
it rained. And all night I danced.
Rain called and I responded. I
dapped and rain tapped. That's

how I learned to dance in the rain.

— How I Learned To Dance In The Rain

© 2017 emmett wheatfall
All Rights Reserved


  1. Nice work, emmett, but I think you missed an obvious opportunity to name this piece "Rain Dance" (Though who's to say the obvious is necessary for the better?) :)

    1. There's a story associated with the title. Although, I do like Rain Dance. Maybe for a future poem as well.


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